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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    hey i just wanted a critiqe of my cycle
    t400 - 600mg/wk wk1-10
    deca 300 300mg/wk wk 1-10
    fina - 75mg/wk wk 1-5
    liquex .25mg ed wk 1-10
    clomid .5mg ed wk 11-12
    clenbuterol 50mg/ed wk 11-13 alternating b/t clen and eca stack every other day

    this is my 3rd cycle but my first time using fina I was just really concerned about combining deca and fina
    im currently 5'11'' 30 years old and about 182lbs with 12-14% body fat

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    Wk1-11 600mg Test
    Wk1-10 300mg Deca
    Wk1-5 100mg Fina EOD
    Liquidex looks good, allthough I would extend it through clomid
    Clomid, start in week 13 and administer untill wk16. 300mg-day1, 200mg-10 days, 100mg-10 days

    The week longer on the test is to match up the half lives better.
    Fina needs to be shot every day or every other day.
    With fina and deca, progesterone gyno is a legitimate worry. Pick up some bromocriptine and take 1.25mg ED throughout cycle and clomid

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    Jan 2003
    thanks alot, i wasnt aware of the bromo but i think i will add it to my cycle now

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