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    sust/fina thought....

    I was wondering?
    If I am taking a fina shot ED why not just add lets say a 1/4 cc of my sust. to each shot to keep levels at a constant?

    Don't know if this has been asked or done or what. It just kinds hit me yesterday.

    my intake:

    sust 1gram / week for 10 weeks
    fina 75 ed weeks 3-10
    Slin 1-4 and 5-10
    A50 50-100mg / day weeks 1-5or6

    another question:
    taking the A50's w/ the slin, should I be timing the slin shots and the intake of Oxymethalone to help absorbtion of the A50?

    just a thought??


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    i guess ucouldbut what r ya gonna do with the rest of the sust left preload it in another syringe ?

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