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    Deca + Sust or Deca + dianobol

    only thinking of doing 1 cycle, how long is that? can u specify more i dont want to be doing this shit for like 3 months looking for a quick fix .. gain some quick mass nothing monstrous anyone can help me out?

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    not possible, anything HUGE gained quickly is going to be lost quickly, if youre looking for a quick solution so you look good for spring break take some creatine and do some cardio, in the meantime do some research, these questions can be answered easily with some looking around...good luck

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    a quick fix ??? quick mass ???

    is there such a thing ???

    if you're looking for a quick anything, then deca & sus ain't really for you. d-bol has quicker acting esters, along with prop, winny, and tren .

    but, if you want something solid, that you can keep most of your gains with, then a 10 week cycle of deca & sus, along with d-bol for the first 4 would do wonders. but then again, you might get monsterous

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    I just typed a fairly lengthy response to this kid (look at his profile and you will see he was born in the last year of Reagan's first term) and then erased it b/c I realized it wasn't worth the effort. Sorry to be a bit snooty, but if you can't bust your ass in the gym for few years straight (not off and on) and get all the gains you can naturally (especially since you are only frickin' 18!), then I'm not going to waste my energy helping you get a "quick fix".

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    I'm with 'The Butcher' on this one, I'm not giving a minor a quick fix either.

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