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    Lightbulb fina/dbol/test stack, need advice

    Ok, i need a little help tweeking my next stack. any insight or suggestions critical or otherwise would help me out. here's what i'm contemplating:

    Weeks 1-4 d-bol 35mgs ED
    Weeks 1-10 75mg fina ED or wks 3-10
    Weeks 1-10 Test 400mgs EW

    my questions are.
    1. what would be the most effective way of using the Fina? throughout wks 1-10 or more like in 2nd half of the stack like wks 3-10, 5-12 or otherwise.
    2. how many ala/mt caps should i take weeks 1-4 and can i discontinue use after the dbol is done? I have plenty of both but what is all that is needed.
    3. What dosage of the liquidex should i take and for how long. This is the first time i've had the $$ to get it and use it. May come in handy.
    4. I already have the d-bol and liqdx, are there any suggestions on substituting (such as EQ) other AS for the test and fina or is there anything you would add/subtract.

    I have no problems with sticking myself ed to use the fina as a serum/ and really prefer it to orals. Also i have options.

    I'm taking good time to plan and set up this cycle b/c i have the $/set schedule/mentality/diet to do it right. i probably won't even start for another month or two. Being that i finished my last cycle in beginning of Nov. (stack of qv EQ / and test cyp). It was good, but could have been much better, but i did not plan well and unforseen time/eating constraints w/ graduating college (Mech Eng) limited what i could get out of it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated
    Thanks bro's
    by the way
    23 yr old
    5-6% bf
    4rth cycle in 2yrs.

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    Please don't take offense here, but you have done 3 other cycles and you are only 165 lbs? What did you start off at? You need to look into your food intake. The nutrition aspect is very important.

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    i hear you bro i have done past cycles and i am only 167lbs but really cut i started at 130lbs,

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    my first cycle i didn't really didn't know what i was doing, and my last, i didn't gain much because of lack of discipline. in eating and partying, etc... just my own fault for being stupid and having an ex-gfriend that royally fucked up my head for a period of time. believe it or not in the past 2 years i've gone from being about 130-135lbs to a solid 165, my body's own predisposition is very lean. but my light weight is more derived from being paralyzed due to what is known as guilliane-barre syndrome about 4 years ago. after my recovery and a little rehab, i was discouraged from strenuous activity for a couple of years, just in case i guess. anyway my gains have not been huge b/c i haven't really wanted them to be. I'm fairly ripped and in good physical shape all-round. (cardio also included in physical regimen) i'm more interested in lean steady growth and health. and i'm in a much more stable position as opposed to when i was in college

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