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Thread: Winny

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    If I take a cycle of winny and I weigh about 210-215 how much of that weight do you guys think I will lose? Please be nice and keep your answers to the point and simple.


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    Winny will not help you lose weight. The only way you can do it is by putting yourself on a hardcore diet and make sure you are banging away at the cardio.

    The winny will simply help you maintain your lean body mass while you are on a low carb low calorie diet.

    Winny does not cut!!

    And just incase you didn't know. You can drink it.

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    I see sooooo many people thinking winny is a fat burner. I hear so many guys in the gym saying to take winny and get cut. I wonder were this got started. I think it might have to do with the fact that a lot of people (experianced bro's atleast) take it at the end of a cycle to help lose some water and get hard. Most newbi's think they are taking it and losing BF and getting ripped at the end of a cycle. That is my opinion, anyone else have any ideas????


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    I used to think winny was the ultimate fat burner, but from this board I know the real thing..

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    IMO....winny is best used for helping you maintain muscle while dieting...I use it when coming off a cycle to help with those 3-4 weeks my shit's kicking out...Madmax..

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