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    Component TH Fina

    I am purchasing some Fina and I am looking in to Component TH belts. It says each belt consists of 4000Mg of Tren . So I will need a 4G gram kit to convert right? If i run the fina 53 Days at 75Mg a day with 25Mg leftover. I'm just verifing all these facts before i order! Please verify this for me and let me know if i got the facts straight! Thanks!!!


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    Dan if my memory works right, i think someone posted this same thread today and I believe you are right on your calculations as far as the kit is concerned. Good luck with the chem experiment!! have fun

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    I used Component for my first batch of Fina and got great results and one belt gave me approximatly 50ml at 75mg/ml using a 4g kit. It is some good stuff

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    HELL - I got the last col
    I posted the same question with pics earlier..your calculations are right...

    1 belt = 4g kit...

    i ordered mine yesterday

    hope to have it here in a week, and be cycling it in a week and 2 days

    i'm gonna run it with winny at 50mg ED Fina for 8-10 weeks and Winny for last 6..



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