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    Deca. or Winny? need some advice

    Hey bro's, looking for some advice, here's the situation. I'm 22 6'1 180 been back to heavy training for the past year and a half after being sidelined for two years due to a shattered humerus (recovery/rehab). Was in great condition before the injury training for college ball, got off of a cycle of test. cyp. and primo about three months before it occured. Got tremendous gains from it and packed on about 15 pounds of solid mass, was about 220 pressing about 350 and squating 405 X 6. After the injury, couldnt do anything and after ROM finally came back after a year and was cleared with no limitations, had the strength of a child with the arm (hardware is still in). By that time i balooned up to 255 and lost everything. Like i said ive worked my ass of the past year and a half and dropped all that and am now down to 180, pretty lean, and looking into starting my next cycle. Want to put on about 20 lbs of mass, so plan on doing 10 weeks of Sus. 250 400 mg for it, but dont want the excess water that i heard comes along with stacking deca and Sus. together. Should i go with Winny and Sus. even though i probably wont get as much size out of it...but more ripped? Also, plan on running 10mg of nolvadex throughout the cycle and ending with clomid. Been out of the loop for awhile so any suggestions on a cycle would be greatly appreciated...

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    You can stack sust, deca and use winny at the end to harden up. Or use sust, deca and proviron throughout. That will minimize bloat the entire cycle and will remove the need for anti-e's.

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