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    Oct 2002

    5 month cycle help

    cycle starts next week

    wk 1-5 dbol 50mg/day
    wk 1-12 sust 750mg/wk
    wk 1-12 deca 600 mg/wk
    wk 13-20 test prop 100mg eod
    wk 13-18 primo 400mg/wk
    wk 13-20 winny 50mg day
    also will take proviron 25mg day and clomid from wk 21

    please advise if anything needs adjusting or changing or is it good to go

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    Nov 2002
    boom town
    i think i'd run it different..what are your stats.....Madmax..

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    G-S Guest
    I'd use HCG at the halfway point.

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    I agree with GS. You may need it again near the end as well on a 20 week cycle.

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    your gonna be a real big mofo with that gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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