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    tren and dbol for 2 weeks?

    Im 28, been training for 4 years, no prior AS use. i want to do a couple 2 weeks cycles (2on, 4off) and see how they go. I was thinking of:
    tren 75mg ed
    dbol 30 mgs ed

    im hoping for about 5-7 lbs each cycle.

    what do you think?

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    your joking right ?????2 week cycles thats the dumbest thing ive heard ever the shortest id do is 5 .and u better throw some prop in there or else your girl is going to be going elsewhare!!!!it take about 2 weeks for all that to kick in and sometimes more !tell me u were jokin

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    Do like a 6 weeker.

    Week 1-6 Tren 75mg ED
    Week 1-6 Prop 50mg ED
    Week 1-6 Winny 50mg ED

    You will get some real nice strength gains as well as loss of bf% and you will harden up reeaaaal nice like...

    I did that as my 1st cycle and loved every second of it.

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    The reality is you are going to stay shutdown because there is no way you will recover from fina completely in four weeks. You will in essence be doing a really long cycle but only benefitting from the AAS a third of the time.

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    2 week cycles require extreme dosages to be effective and the compounds you can use are limited because you need all quick acting esters. And at most you're gonna gain ~5lbs if you do well. It's not really worth it IMO because a 6 wk cycle would result in 10-12lbs, if not more and you don't have to stress your body out with the extreme dosages.

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