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    Recently I decided to go for my first cycle and get over this "plateau" I'm at. Just curious to hear your guys recommendations. I am planning on going with Test and either Deca or Equipoise ? Lastly what about a hardener, Sust? Masteron ? Winny? I'm 5'9 185ish workout 4-5 days a week right now. Im looking to put on some good quality size as well as definition by the end. Thanx guys!

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    There are alot of good stacks for first cyclers. I'll recommend the test/EQ/winny. Test is a great base for any cycle. EQ will make you eat everything in sight so that you can consume all those extra calories needed for muscle building. And the winny gives you great pumps and will make you more defined. A classic newbie stack:

    Wk 1-11 4-500mg/wk Test Enth
    Wk 1-10 400 mg/wk EQ
    Wk 7-12 50mg/ED winny

    Start clomid at Wk13 at 300mg/1st day; 100mg/ED days 2-10; 50mg/ED days 11-20. Take a liver protector throughout, i.e. milk thistle, ALA, glutamine, etc. Have your nolva on hand just in case. Train hard, eat clean and keep up on the cardio and you'll have some good quality gains. Its only the beginning. Good luck.

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    Originally posted by 01dragonslayer
    Wk 1-11 4-500mg/wk Test Enth
    Wk 1-10 400 mg/wk EQ
    Wk 7-12 50mg/ED winny
    You need to push the winny to wks 8-13 if you want to run enanthate 1 wk past your EQ cause you need to wait 2 wks after last shot of enanthate before starting clomid.

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