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    oxandrolone used by teens..??

    Have anyone taken oxandrolone while still a teen? From what I know oxandrolone does not have that many side effects and does not stunt growth (form what im told). The only extremely bad side effect I know of Is a loss of muscle when your cycle is over. Has anyone hear takin or knows of anyone who has taken oxandrolone as a teen?

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    Oxandrolone is one of the "safer" steroids out there however the simple truth is that unless a medical condition necessitates it there is no reason for a teen to do any steroid . Your test is at its highest level, your endocrine system is still experiencing changes, and your potential for muscle growth with the proper diet and training is almost limitless. It is good to see that you are researching but hold off on any cycles until you are older.

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    if ur a teen i think u should wait, i know its hard but guys let ur body grow naturaly

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