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Thread: Dbol Help

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    Dbol Help

    I am just finishing up my 1st week on dbol today and I have not seen any water weight gains or bloating. I am currently taking 25 mg a day spaced out every 3 hours from waking up. I wound up gaining 6 pounds in 5 days but then went back down 3 of them so within a week I gained only 3 pounds. Am I not seeing large gains in weight becuase of the large amounts of cardio that I am doing. I feel my diet is on track and my workout routine is going great. Moreover, I have had a slight strenght increase so I am pretty sure it is working along with a huge increase in appitite.
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    are you doin a dbol only cycle?
    not very effective bro...
    dbol is not anabolic enough to produce good muscle gain ans if all you want is water you will piss it soon after you stop dbol
    anyway you can increase your dosage if had no water gain.
    but wait, dbol can take 3 -14 day to be effective
    raise it to 35mg if you got nothing more
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    I am also on eq for 10 weeks took the 1st eq shot on thursday and a week after the dbol ends I am going to take 50mg of winny a day.

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    So, what exactly is it that you need help with? 2-4 lbs a week is common with d-bol, I don't see where you're having a problem.
    Also, in my opinion, it would be better if you started taking winny after more than just one week after your d-bol intake ends.

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