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    final choice broS!

    WUUUTS UP BRO'S, ok heres what i've planned.....because of water not gonna do any d bols in the beggining fo the cycle, im hoping that the fast acting esters in sust will themselves jump start my cycle.....(yes yes i went with Karcachi sust instead of Omnadren ) and i was thinking of runing this at 8 weeks, 750 mg (3 shots a weeed EOD) and weeks 3 to 8 running winny at 50mg eod (injection form) so i can site with this cycle bro, with a clean diet and good training, can i can about 20 pounds, and lose about 2 to 3 percent body fat? lemme know how it looks bros! thanks

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    1.) its not completely necessary to shoot sust that often, but if you can i guess its cool
    2.) and your only running sust 8 weeks? i cant really tell with the info you've given, but id run it at least 10 weeks and maybe 12-15 if possible
    3.) whether you site inject winny or ingest it, its the same winny is pretty painful after injection, if i were you, i would ingest it, there is no evidence that suggests or proves that winny site injected actually causes hypertrophy of that specific muscle group
    4.) should be able to lose some body fat, but i doubt 20 lbs muscle gain also...if your goal is to lose body fat that requires a caloric defecit, and if you wanna gain 20 lbs muscle that requires caloric excess, its like consuming 2 and -2, you get 0, you need to determine your goal, personally i think you should gain your 20 lbs during weeks 1-12, and then lose your 5% bf weeks of luck
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    hes shooting eod to try to takle advantage of the prop in the sust.i would of chose a enenthe but anyway .
    i would run it 10 weeks .
    injecting is alot better then ingesting it alot of it gets broken down by your digestive track ,still will work but injection is better no doubt !
    spotinjections ???mixed views some sware by itsome say its a waste.
    20 lbs i doubt ,afetr all said and done with a keepable 14 lbs .

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    If you want to shed bf%, throw in fina at the end with your winny. I'd run it like this...

    wk 1-12 sust @ 750mg/wk (shot M,W,F)
    wk 7-15 fina @ 75mg/ED
    wk 9-15 winny @ 50mg/ED

    clomid after, if you want you can shoot the fina EOD but you get better results from ED IMO.

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    ok bro's actually let me rephrase that last thread.........i was thinking about going with a diet that is approx 4200 calories, consisting of 320 protiein, 600 carbs, and (70 grams of fat > mostly from udo's) is this what i should be consuming if i wonna only gain bout 15 pounds and lose a couple of percent body fat (im at 17 right now) let me know broS!

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