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    good gains or bad gains?

    before i started using test enanthate i weighed about 190lbs. i'm in my 6th week and by my 4th/5th week i was already at 220lbs. i've noticed a good increase in my bench (incline) went from 180lbs to around 250lbs. although i did have to take a little break my 5th week cuz i strained the tendons in my forearms, it hurt too much to lift.
    now i'm at college and its hard to eat as healthy as i should. i've noticed alot of the mass i've put on looks pretty flabby. i measure my fat % and i've only gained about 3% in body fat. knowing this i feel i should look more cut than i do. is this a usual look to have? will i lose most of the flab? how much do u think i'll lose? whats the best way to keep muscle and lose fat? especially fat on the back, legs, and back? (squats?)

    i'm lookn into getting clenbuturol and winstrol but they are to find around here.

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    the only way to get your body fat down is to clean up your diet. clen and winny would help, but simply changing your diet would solve the problem for the most part. i judge my gains by looking in the mirror, if you like what you see, your on track. if not, its time to make a few adjustments.

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    It also is the food all college they specificly make high fatty high protien foods for you growing kids

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    Yea bro, diet and cardio, kev said it

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