I dont really understand how to read the prices in the drug profiles. Do any of u guys know (roughly) the cost of one cycle of the following AS:
I know deca is around 400, which is alot for me to spend since im just a poor college dude, but i was reading and read that anadur has a similar effect to that of deca, but i dont know how to read whether or not it is cheaper (i also read it has less side effects) I also read that anavar will help alot with strength without putting a ton of bulk on you. On the steroid effectivness page clen caught my eye because i noticed it burns alot of fat without having alot of side effects. I took ephedrine (ripped fuel and hydroxycut) a few of years ago to loose weight for boxing and wrestling and it kinda messed me up. I got this weird insomnia thing where i would be awake, but couldnt move, it also gave me some heart palpitations which i still have.

Lastly i was wondering if any of those i listed stack up well together.

Thanks alot for all the help guys, i'm kinda just getting involved in this stuff but it's really cool that you guys are so helpful to eachother, it's kind of like a little family.