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    got EQ what should i do... winny....or anavar or clen...need some help heads spinning

    aight fellas i need your brains to work better then mine is rite is the deal, i have two Eq's (BOLDQV 200 10ml bottles) 19 193-196lbs....6'1..round 9% body decidin to do shit younger but just help me out soo i limit how much i fuck my body up....what im lookin for is round 10 lbs give or take...but to be ripped hard and more vascular...i dont want deca , did a cycle last summer (want to use my penis a lil longer)and no test yet...keep in mind im tryin to keep this cycle relativley light due to my age.....should i take winnny (split a 20cc bottle of stan100 with my buddy) or should i take anavar for like 4-6 weeks....or last idea, should i just take clen for 6 weeks with the eq....either way i already have the eq's im thinkin of takin 3000mg over a 8-10 week period of the EQ...and to kick start the eq a lil i was thinkin take 25mg dbol pills one a day for 2-3 weeks.....ive been doin research and goin wild tryin to find the right stack for me...i took deca300 last summer...I dont want to take 2 full cycles together so eq is my base am i completely retarded or can it work for me......dont need to get too much bigger rite not me out as much as u guys can....need some real good info and i kno this is the place to get it...

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    the EQ alone at 400mg for 10 weeks should give you 10lbs, and it will definately make you more vascular.


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    I would add something to the mix. Preferably winstrol or anavar since you are looking for lean mass. At least run an oral for the first 4-5 weeks while the eq is building up in your system.

    And DH, I love the avatar.

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    1,743 should wait...which odds are you is by far the safest of all of the ones you mentioned...i believe you'll get better results from gear in the future if you wait till your 20.5 or 21...just a thought bro...Madmax..

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    yea throw in some anavar , I think you should always do a little something with the eq. Keep it moderate 10ccs of winny wont really do much for you.

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