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    QV Equipose + Anavar or Clen?

    I am 6'2 195 about 14% bf. I am looking to be around 205 with a tight hard look. My question is should i run 300 mg of eq a week for 10 weeks and run Clen on and off 2 weeks followed by ECA stack and simlyl try and stay at around 195-200 and obtain a ripped look.
    Or run eq 300 mg a week for 10 weeks and run Anavar for 6-8 weeks at 30-40 mg a day. Which will give me a more ripped effect?

    Basically I am asking this because I ran a cycle of Deca 300 and gain around 25 pounds(lost around 10-15 after cutting but keep msot of strength). However, I hated the bloated look I gained. I have a tendency to a more thicker look and really dont want that look at all. Help me out please!

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    var/eq will rip you up more than clen but you need to really run eq at 400mg/wk to get its real effects and var at 40-50mg/day (at least) preferably.

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