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Thread: EQ/Winny

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    heyy im 5''8 175 not sure bout body fat but i only got about 1 inch of fat on my stomach.i am on EQ for 3 weeks now and my diet has been strict no sugar moderate carbs. in one week im gonna begin some winny
    i have 20 shots.i wanted to see if i shoooold continue with my diet which consist of all protein(250 grams) moderate carbs low sodium low fat.around 6-7 meals a day - cardio 3-4 times a week between 15-30 mins of walking on incline. want to know if i should reduce my calorie intake or leave the same becaseu im lookin to cut up and i wanted to know how i should stack my EQ with my winny.any suggestions would help alot

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    i forgot to add that i am taking 300 mg a week right now and next week will be up to 400 mg a week

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    you,ve got me confused man, what is your cycle?Sounds like you went into this all half cocked and didnt plan shit.Try this
    weeks 1-10 EQ 400mgs
    weeks 7-13 winny 50mgs ED
    post clomid therapy

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