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    removing mammory glands

    feb. 6 i go under the knife to get the fina gyno cut out... its not bad at all almost not even noticable but i decided i dont want to have to worry or deal with it anymore.. the question i have though... no longer having those glands..could i add fina to my deca test cycle.. im shooting 1.5cc of each every monday thurs.. id like to do fina everyother day 1cc... just a question i never really knew anyone with out the mammory glands before and i dont even know if those substances hit the same receptors . so if you guys can help thanks... anyone know the down time for lifting after the procedure. they werent real clear when i asked

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    I can't help u with your questions, but just wanted to wish you good luck with your surgery and a speedy recovery.

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    I was always under the impression that once the glands were removed you couldn't get true gyno again although you could still have fat deposits build up in the chest. Another member said that gyno could comeback after gland removal so you should talk to your doctor.

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    Hey bro, im almost 99.9% sure if u have the gland removed u can no longer get gyno. But make sure the glad is removed and not just the breast tissue. And Rickson is right, u can still have fat deposits build up which is not the same thing. Good luck!


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