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    test enthate help

    i have some extra test enthate that im gettin rid of, but before i sell it to my friend i want to make sure im telling him the right things and not feeding his a bunch of b.s., so i figured id post here and se what u guys have to say. currently hes taking winny and clen , and is dieting hard and running. i told him that winny by itself isnt that effective and most of the results hes seeing is probly from his dieting and cardio. so i reccomended adding low doses of test and that he would be happier with the results he sees. basically my questions is will the winny keep the bloating down from the enthate if its run at low levals, say 400mg/week? im a rookie when it comes to takin test, but after readin up on it a lil bit on the main site those doses seemed sufficient to me for someone else who has never used test and is not looking to bulk up. if im wrong please correct me. thanks for the help.

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    For your friend to add the test now would be a waste. It takes anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to kick in... You are right in telling him that winny by itself may not get him the results he is looking for. But if he is just cutting and looking to lean out, the winny may help him from going catabolic and help him retain muscle...

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