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    my tendons are f@#$, help

    ok well my tendon in my right arm right below my bicep has been killing me on and off for a week now. last week i did some arm wrestling also i had taken off a week before that from lifting but i started my cycle anyways and i went to the gym the day after arm wrestling and started lifting my max basically and my tendon has been throbbing massively almost unbareable pain. so last week friday i decided i need a few days off to help it recover. that friday i got in a fight at a club which extremely amplified the pain and the pain comes and goes. any recommendations? im on week 3 of a test eq cycle. should i stop the cycle? or just keep it running and let my arm rest for a few more days?

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    Steroids are bad ummkay?
    sounds like tendonitis in the elbow. You need to take a shitload of advil and also get some of those tennis elbow braces. They are about 2 inches wide and they go just below the elbow, tight enough to put pressure but not cut off circulation. I don't know about stopping your cycle, but for me I have to take off a few days and do absolutely nothing with my arms, all the while taking 600mg of advil every 6 hours or so. Before you go to work out, take about 800 an hour before you go. This helps with me, I have it bad in both arms.

    btw, QUIT armwrestling, it is very bad for this kind of elbow problem, and it is not a good judge of the bigger man anyways!

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    Originally posted by gettinthere

    btw, QUIT armwrestling, it is very bad for this kind of elbow problem, and it is not a good judge of the bigger man anyways!
    That's a no shitter. I went to school with a kid who couldn't lift his own bodyweight, yet we'd go into a bar and he would take on anyone who thought they could beat him. He won us alot of beer...

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    been there

    hey bro, been there, done that, it's that tendonitis thing, won't even really allow you to work out...

    I went to a physical thearapist and got 3 treatments of ultrasound in a week, with 600mg of ibuprofen 3 x a day and ice after work out, you'll be fine in less than a week... just go in and get it feels great!
    with my insurance, i think i had to pay 12 bucks a visit...

    hope this helps

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    Stop your cycle and start it over after the tendon quits hurting. Ive been out of commission for over three months with the same injury you have described because I was to stubborn to stop my cycle! Now I'm paying for it!

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    If you can, try to use machines for alot of your workouts, by using the vertical press machine instead of the actuall flat bench, I cut out the pain I had...... of course nothing beats good ol' rest!

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