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    Confused with Post cycle and Anti E administration.

    Can you please recommend when I should take these Anti Es and post cycle therapy ? I am currently on week 3 of this cycle:

    Week 1-4 30 mg D-bol
    Week 1-10 400 mg EQ
    Week 2-10 400 mg test

    This is what I have:

    50 tabs Proviron
    20 tabs Nolvadex
    5 5000 I.U. HCG
    20 tabs Clomid

    If needed, I can buy more post cycle and Anti Es. I am 62, 200lbs, 14%, 31 years old and this is my 2nd cycle. I do not have any puffy nips and the cycle is going good so far. My goal is to gain about 15 quality lbs. Any critiques and recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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    For starters why didnt you start your test in week 1?
    As for your question, not a flame, but man you should of known this info before starting. Anyways imo you won't need hcg or proviron , keep nolva on hand to play safe, and you need at least 36 clomid tabs.

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    not where I want to be
    what was your first cycle?

    take clomid 3 weeks after last tes/eq shot. 300mg day1 100mg next 10 days, 50mg next 10 days


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    the matrix
    id get more clomid and assuming your proviron is test and eq together.goodluck

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    My first cycle was 10 weeks deca 400mg and test 400mg a week....

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