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    how long did it take for your fina to kick in

    My boy has just finished his second week of homemade fina and he says he does not feel too much or gained any weight yet. Is this possible? How long did it take for everyone else's to kick in and see good results.

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    Most it takes about a week.

    Took me a little longer as did every AS I've ever done.

    I'm in my third week right now and I'd say close to two wks.

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    should have kicked in already bro. id question his diet and training first.the first few days you get some of the effects of tren .

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    Hey bro, well first off fina is not a bulking AS. Its more for leaning out and hardening up. So u shouldnt get that much weight increase. But that also depends on his diet? 2nd it could take anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks before u feel or see the results from the fina. Reason being is fina only lasts between 4 - 12 hrs in ur system thats why its best injected ed. You need to saturate ur body with it to get to a consistent even level. Tell ur bro to hang in there it will come..


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