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    anadrol 50 cycle

    if i wanted to do a only a 8 week cycle using anadrol 50 for 3 weeks (1tab a day for the first week, and 2 tabs a day for the 2nd and 3rd week) what would be a good stack with this? i really havent heard much of stacks with anadrol? thanks guys, always appreciative

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    injectable test prop - easy ot come off of after 8 weeks and go strait to clomid

    How many cycles have you done? do you really need 100mgs of drol ED? you had better be using your liver protectors big time - drol past 6 weeks probably isnt needed and will help you liver out.

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    alevok Guest
    sustanon or other tests, primo or boldenone or winny, but the question is what is your goal cutting or bulking, I assume you are bulking then you can combine with test
    for example
    week 1 1tab/d 250mg sus/w
    week 2 2 tab/d 500mg sus/w
    week 3 3 tab/d 500mg sus/w
    week 4 3 tab/d 750mg sus/w
    week 5 2 tab/d 1000mg sus/w
    week 6 1 tab/d 750 mg sus/w
    week 7 500mg sus/w
    week 8 250mg/sus/w

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    thanks for the responsed, guys, yeah the main goal would be bulking, thanks cycleon, and alevok,

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    drol = 50-100mg per day, no need to taper up and down = start at whichever dose you feel you need and hold for 4 weeks.

    test= whichever ester you can find that is real deal, cyp, Enth., sus, ideally single ester like cyp or Ena is easier to maintain blood levels

    I assume your novoice:

    Week 1-4 50mg drol per day(25mg am/25mg PM)
    Weeks 1-8 500mg Test per week.

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    Thanks alot silverfox, but also i need some other advice...
    Should i Do this cycle with the anadrol and the test or stick to dbol deca and a test cyp?
    Lemme know this will be my first cycle too, so Do you guys think anadrol is too strong for my 1st cycle?
    Thanks alot for the input,

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