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    dbol and properly using it in a cutting cycle

    I am currently using this cycle for cutting reasons.

    25 MG ED Dbol Weeks 1-4
    400 MG a week Equipose Weeks 1-10
    50 MG ED Winstrol Weeks 7-10
    Clomid 50mg ED Weeks 12-14

    Now my question to you guys for the 1st four weeks should I be eating like I am bulking while on the dbol or eat a cutting diet. Right now I have put on 10-12 pounds with the dbol in a about 11 days which is probably water weight since I never gained muscle at a rate like this. Moreover, I have more dbol to continue it for 2 more weeks would you guys suggest this or is 4 weeks optimal for my usage?

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    I wouldn't use dbol in a cutting cycle, dbol packs on the water weight. Just EQ and winny sounds good to me. followed by clomid therepy

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    It is OK to include D-bol in your stack for the purposes of jump starting your cycle - it will take a few weeks for you to feel the EQ due to the length of the ester. For this reason I see no problem with it.
    The weight you've gained so far is water and most will be expelled when you discontinue taking the drug.

    Four weeks of D-bol is adequate and I wouldn't run it for longer, considering that you're planning on starting your Winstrol intake at week 7. These are two 17-aa substrates and should be taken as far apart as possible.

    As far as eating goes - eat all you like. Just make sure to keep eating clean foods, and at appropriate times of the day. You should start eating progressively more calories while on, and then taper off at the end. While on gear excess fat storage will less likely occur.

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