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    Question Anadrol 50? ways to keep the weight on????

    i've got alot of friends that did anadrol .......and after a while i see that they allllll lose the weight......can the pros tell me what i can stack and when to stack it to keep the most weight possible....ill be eating like a horse so that wont be a problem, but i would just be really dissappointed if i lost every single pound that i put on......oh and also.....does anadrol make u lose you're hair quicker than other forms of test????

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    there are lots of things to consider when keeping weight gain from anadrol , its inevitable to lose quite a bit because a lot of the gain initially is water gain, but nevertheless here are a few tips: dont use anadrol at the end of cycles, stack it with some type of test, DEFINATELY used clomid, tribulis, nolva, hcg , whatever you need post cycle to help hpta recovery (the quicker and more stable the more you will keep), keep diet well, and no matter how lethargic/tired/shitty you feel you need to continue training postcycle...this is just to name a few..

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