Hello All,

I read that is all to be read about aas. I'm going to start my first cycle within the next 3 weeks. I'm not going to buy my gear from a black market source, but instead I will do my cycle under doctors care.
My blood will be tested every 30days and I will consult with him on my gains and fatloss. Right now I'm currently 270 and since 1/03 I stopped lifting and focused more on cardio and eating clean . My question is simply this. I've always been a big strong guy with tone but I've always carried around extra bodyfat in my mid section and glutes( noted ;I previously weighed 330lbs and it took me 1/5 years to get down to 250,cycle free) Will a good solid stack of aas @ 12 weeks and proper diet and supplimentation build my body and shed the unwanted body fat I've never been able to get rid of? This is my very first post and in no way I want to offend the vets of this board but I just want to be certain that I'm going to get the best out of this investment. I don't have to many cycle questions because I think I will be on a test/deca /win stack with armadex but I will not find that out until my blood work comes back? I'm open to suggestions and all imput and I will use this board and post pics from start to finish!!!!!!