What's up guys. I will soon be running a cycle (my first), which will undoubtedly be based on D-Bol. I basically have just two questions that some of you more experienced guys can probably answer...
1. Will taking an ECA help with minimizing the bloating? Or, how about a non-ephedra supplement like Xenadrine-EFX?
2. What is the least expensive roid I can run with D-Bol? I can't afford the Deca . Is there something I could maybe inject just once a week?

As for what are my goals are here, I am currently 180 lbs. at 5'10 1/2" and approx. 12-14% BF. I'd like to add maybe 8-10 lbs. of muscle and be in a position to cut up after with cardio and ECA or non-ephedra fat burner. Keep in mind that I'm on a budget I appreciate all the help you guys have been giving me, thanks, Xtrastrength!