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Thread: Beginner Cycle?

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    Beginner Cycle?

    What is better for a beginner (stats and experience aside) 2cc's 200mg/ml of test (enanthate , cyp, sust) per week, or 1 cc 200mg/ml of test stacked with another 1cc injectable (primo, eq, deca )

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    400 of test - 200mg a week is just not enough. I would want some mass builder in there was well. Say 400mg week test and 300 mg week of EQ or DECA - (that was like my 1st cycle, Deca/test), and it worked wonders. 18-22lbs for most with that cycle.

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    I think it depends on the person. I did 12 weeks of 200mg Cyp pyramid (low - high - low) a week and gained 15lbs. I think it is a must to have Clomid post-cycle. It not, you might as well throw you stuff in the trash. Also, Protein is crucial. I miade sure I was getting 1.5g per lb of bodyweight. Just my opinion.

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