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    Back up stuff - just in case!

    Next cycle will be as follows:
    500mg Cyp wk 1-10
    400mg EQ wk 1-10
    200mg Decawk 1-10
    75mg Prop ED wk 11-17
    75mg Fina ED wk 11-17 (might be EOD 150mg)
    50mg Winny ED wk 11-17
    *the Fina/Winny/Prop - will be adjusted based on how my body does with it.
    Clomid 1-3 days out, depends on when I stop each, in the last cycle, if i stop prop and fina and 2 days later stop winny, then 8 hours after i will clomid, 300/100/50 - normal clomid threp.

    My Question. What should I also have on hand and how much of each.
    Possible items???
    Extra Clomid

    Now, I know some of these overlap, and some are expensive, but I don't want to be one of these bros that comes on here complaining about simptoms and have no way to treat anything. So how many of each and which ones should I get to cover all basis. Also, with this cycle I want to keep water retension as low as possible. What do you recommend with the above listed AAS to run along side to keep the water low. I am going to do 2 sessions of clen each session will be 2 wk on/ 2 wk off, starting just before and lasting just after with like 6-8 week break inbetween. During those clen runs, in the middle of them, I am going to do cytomel . Hopefully the quailty adds from EQ with joint helper of deca (might not use the deca, and just add if I run into joint problems) with the Test strength will give me good gains, and I can add some more with great hardness and vascularity in the prop/winny/fina stage. I want to start about 5-6 weeks from now. Hopefully with your help I will be able to get everything together by then, I already have the EQ/DECA/CYP/PROP, winny/fina I will receive in about 2 weeks. I just need all the back ups. But until they get here, it is a no start. I am not starting til I am 100% ready. Thanks bros, With all this 17 yr old start ups, bros getting caught mid cycle and stuff, I am trying to learn the easy way by taking your advise, and I wish more people would. I don't want to get stuck messing my body up, we are all hear (those that really work out and give a damn about themselves) to better ourselves, mind and body. Hope more keep it that way and don't throw it all away for hopes of instant gains. THANKS ALOT!!!!!!

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    You must always have clomid, bottom line don't start a cycle without it.

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    aww shit a fellow detroiter, ok I am going to help on this one
    for clomid 300mg day 1, 100mg for 10 days, 50mg for 10-20 days< you can make adjustments to this pending on you but this is about right. you can run the proviron at 50mg/ED start. This will help in the boat and give you a nice wood: or you can run the airmidex at .25 ed or eod<< i am not sure on this one but I think it is right, maybe do a search and look to see what other have ran. get nolva, on hand--i guess more is better because it will not go to waste. for the HCG - maybe to kits- I am going to run 12 week cycle and I am adding it in during week 5 (500iu for 5 days) and 11-12( 500iu/ed). As far as the bromo, I do not think you will have to worry about progest. on the low dosage of deca your running but if you want to be on the safe side you can run it 1.25mg/ed and ramp it up to 2.5mg/ed for the entire length of your cycle. But you will probably be safe with the low deca dosage. Well I hope this helps, you can somewhat do the math yourself and figure what you need by adding up the days and dosages of the ancillaries your running.

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