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Thread: Gains

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    Question Gains

    I know it takes time for my cycle to kick in, just wondering a few things what have you enjoyed the best results from ? how much did u put on?
    also going to many different site i found for the same drugs the gains side effects etc vary from one site to another, now can these be "calculated" somehow bases on there chemical structures or do u gotta go by the type of person?
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    IMO opinion AS is a per-case basis, it really depends on how your body reacts to them,, some get great gains off little doses while some eat bowls full of D-bols and only get bloated.
    The secret to success, Grasshopper, is a solid training routine. Train hard, eat right, lay off the booze and designers, and get a solid 8 every night... THATS how you get ripped....

    with all that said, to answer your question I like to stack
    TEST,EQ and Winny. good size and quality muscle.
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    SUST and DBOL are great together.

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    agreed with rhino58, i love deca /sust/dbol cycles...never got better results...

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    I'm going to have to agree w/Rhino im on about the 4th week of a sust/ D-bol cycle and ive got to say that im loving the results. Im taking a steady 25mg/day D-bol and 2cc of sust a week and have gained about 13 lbs. Although im putting on alot of muscle I also apear to be getting leaner??? I have always loved putting in a good lift but it makes me feel so much better when i can see results by the week.

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