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    how long can i make this cycle

    just took 10th shot 10th week of deca 300 and test depot 200 . how long can i go another few weeks. is there anything else i can continue with to continue gaining for 5 or so more weeks. ive taken 1 cc of each for the last ten weeks. how long can u take this cycle for. and is there anything that will kick this in more like sustanon ? any reply would be sweet. thanks i started at 202 6'2" im now 220 later

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    If you're out of the deca and test....just come off with clomid and let it be the end of your cycle. I've seen so many guys get on gear and freak out about getting off that they keep taking and keep taking until something bad happens. For example a buddy of mine is 24 years old and has already had 6 heart attacks.....he never came off of juice longer than a couple of days and that was for years.

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    558 this point in ur cycle, there are a couple of options.

    First...Run the deca through 12 weeks and the test through 14 weeks and then do your clomid cycle.

    Second...End the deca this week...continue on the test for 5 more weeks...Add fina weeks 10-15....clomid.

    Good luck...let us know what you are going to do>>>>

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