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    First cycle - Lemme know what you think...

    Hey all,

    I'm figuring out my first cycle, and would like some input from anybody who can help me out.
    Some background... I'm 6'0", 192lbs, around 12%bf. 29 years old.
    43-44chest, 32waist, and 16" biceps (unpumped, flexed). Been training seriously for 3.5 years now.
    I do not want to get too bloated, and I would like to be able to get away with telling co-workers that I've just been bulking. Looking to gain a quality 10-15lbs, and hopefully lose some bf at the same time.
    What I'm thinking right now is:

    1-10 - 500mg Sust/wk, shots Monday, Thursday
    1-10 - 400mg EQ/wk
    7-12 - Winny, 75mg eod

    post cycle clomid, nolvadex on hand, possibly liquidex to keep bloat down and gains hard, but not sure i'd need it on this cycle.

    Lemme know what you guys think about this, and if my gains expectations are realistic.

    Thanks guys,

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    Looks pretty good...
    1. I would either use a single ester test or divide your sust into 3 shots per week
    2. I would run the eq and test 12 weeks
    3. Finish your winny 3 weeks after last shot not 2 so if you run a 10 week cycle winny 8-13 and if you run a 12 week cycle 10-15

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    are you drinking or running the winny? if you drink it or take pills 50mg ED is best.
    Run the EQ 12-15 wks.

    As for the cycle, Stacking SUST and EQ you are looking at 15-20 lbs of muscle if you train correctly,,, That's hard to hide, so a knowledgeable co-worker might call your bluff! (or your "Buff" in this case!)
    It sounds like you're in pretty good shape already, and since this is your first cycle you may want to drop the SUST and run just the EQ and winny.
    This will give you your 10-15lbs, and it will be good, quality muscle without the bloat SUST can bring.
    Just my opinion...
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, anyone else?

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