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    First cycle, need a little advice.

    I recently got a hold of QV deca200 and plan on doing an 8 week 250mg cycle. (seems this is better than doing 200mg/10 weeks from what i read, and tapering is useless it seems). I'm not too worried about deca dick and I'm working on securing some clomid for after cycle use. Not interested in stacking/using test on this cycle/being my first cycle, and this is all I have access to at the moment.

    Now I have a couple questions, I'm 5'8 and weigh ~165-170~ and I'm looking at using shakes to hit ~250-300g~ of protein a day. What kind of calory intake should I maintain? I can hit the protein easy but I see posts that you should do ~4000~ calories a day, and these shakes are like, 100-200, so only make up maybe 1000 calories, what do you folks eat in between? Or do you just throw stuff into your shakes?

    My other question is regarding my workout plan. I haven't really seen anyone talk about AS and plans in all my time researching (maybe I suck) but my current plan is 3 days, M W F, M is chest/quads(squats/legext)/abs, W is bi/hams/calves and F is shoulder/back/tri. I do 5x5 workouts (max weight you can do 5 times, if you can hit them all move up, dont know how common this is). IF I was to change I was thinking either doing M T W | Th F S and rest 1 day repeating the work out. Other option was to do the 5x5 first 3 and high rep/pyramid other 3 days.

    Should I do that or just stick to my regular workout plan and just change my diet while I'm on my cycle? I appreciate any replies..

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    Shakes are good but you got to eat solid meals too,,, I eat 5 meals a day when cycling. steamed veggies, boiled/baked chicken or fish. easy on the carbs, but you do need some for energy. I usually slam 2 or 3 shakes a day.

    As for workouts everybody has a different plan,,, what works for me is doing each body part once a week, and just destroy it! "go heavy or go home!!"

    as for the DECA dick,,, the best way to combat it is with TEST, but you already know this....
    Since your running the DECA on the light side you should be ok,,,

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