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    I f**ked up my natural test

    i have not touched steriods for 11 1/2 months because i am trying to get my sperm count back, last febuary 2002 , i came off steriods and did take some hcg and clomid, i had my fsh and lh levels tested and was told they are on the lower end of the normal range
    I again had them tested in november and they were

    NOV 6 2002
    test 4.2 range 8 -27 nmol
    fsh 10 range 1-12
    lh 4.7 range 1-9
    sperm none

    all the above are uk measures

    so i embarked on a clomid cycle again 300mg for a few days 150mg for 2 weeks then 50mg for 2 weeks

    the next test 7 weeks later read as below

    DEC 30 2002
    test 5 range 8 -27 nmol
    fsh 16.6 range 1-12
    lh 6.7 range 1-9
    sperm none

    through out the whole period i took multivits , zinc 30 mg a day,selenium

    this is my own fault i took gear for 3 years with only a few weeks of in a year.only 200mg of deca a week and 5 generic stromba a day

    my point in saying this is that fsh and lh were not ever completely shut down they come back pretty quick but test and sperm takes time
    from my own situation i believe that it is required to take hcg until your boys are full size even if it takes a few weeks , then commence on the clomid and stay on the clomid until your fsh lh and tests level are normal.
    My mistake i believe was not using enough hcg at the start, and staying on the juice far too long (STUPID).

    so now i take 100mg clomid a day and 20 mg nolvadex and got another blood and sperm test in 6 weeks.

    i am 210 lbs in good shape and 5' 9" (age 35) but am missing the gear next time i will do it properly.

    i just gotta sit tight and hope it returns soon or my shed loads of gear will be out of date.

    just needed to get this off my chest , any advice etc would be much appreciated.

    many thanks winny

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    Damn bro - sorry to hear that. Are you sure you didn't have naturally low test before you started gear? Sperm count could have also been a factor before the gear. Do you have any kids? You are at the age where test starts to lower naturally. Maybe it will never come back w/o HRT.

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    O man, that sucks-hopefully your levels will jump up within the next test.

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    You obviously know this now, but you were on the gear WAY too long.

    I can relate to the low level test results and freaking out. I have been doing some of that on my own as of late. If your recent endevour with the HCG and Clomid works, post the details on this board. That could be of use to some members.


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    Look, that sucks, but there have been worse cases that have been cured with hcg /clomid/nolvadex by doctors. However, worst case scenario is you get test replacement therapy. Either way, you will have enough test.


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    Another reason to read, read, read... you can always learn shit that will protect yourself and make you a better and stronger person.

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