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Thread: help..please..

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    Post help..please..

    I'm on a SMALL cycle of test 200..1cc a week for 10 weeks. I've already been through 3 weeks so far. This my first cycle to ever do plus i'm kinda young...Anyways, I'm gonna prob up it to 2cc's a week because I have bench compeition on March 1st.... Since my cycle is so small, I'm wanting to take some supplements to help me get the best out of it all..what products and dosage would you recommmend..thanks thanks thanks

    Someone told me to take some Creatine, Amino Acids, and me out..

    - G|-|[]sT

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    How old are ya?
    stats pls!
    I think you should just drop the test and do some creatine and glutamine
    thats my 2cc bro

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