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Thread: New guy

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    New guy

    After looking at the pics forum i had to join!!
    Well im 22yo 6'4 I weigh 215lbs bf% around 26!! very high!!
    1 yr ago I was 303lbs so ive been keeping a good diet so far.
    Im gonna do a Cut cycle and try to add some lean muscle and lower bf.

    Fina 75mg ed
    Test prop 75mg ed
    Winny 50mged
    Clen 2on 2off
    Liqidex .5mg day
    Clomid post cycle

    What u think? I am on a Keto diet. I do a carbup every 2 weeks.

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    Jan 2003
    Congrats on your weight loss, thats quite the accomplishment!

    You might want to lower your BF before you start AAS, but your cycle does look good, how long are you planning on running it?


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    welcome bro,
    this is the place for you if you want to reach the goals youve set for yourself.
    many knowledgable and helpful brothers and sisters here to assist you. good luck.........

    peace bb79

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    Georgia @ 6'8"/290lbs
    That one hell of a weight loss in just a year! I am very impressed! I would love to hear how you did it. It has taken me about 6 months to lose 45 lbs, and I seem to have hit that infamous brick wall. If you are 6'4" @ 215 I can't imagine that you're bf is that high! Thats not bad for being that tall. Anyhow, congratulations on one hell of an accomplishment!

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    Ty...Yeah I hit alot of brick walls...But I used Clen /t3 once to get outta that..Or id change my diet around like lowering carbs highering protien etc etc.
    Im gonna run that cycle for 6 weeks.

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