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    another question

    first of all, I want to thank all of you for your answers. You have helped me a whole lot already. I do have another question, though. First, will I make substantial gains by doing a 10 week cycle of deca , followed by nolvadex or clomid? I know that I need to stack something else with the deca, but I'm on a budget, and I am having a hard time getting test. I can get most things, but that. I have been told different things about going solo with deca. I have been told that I need to stack it. And I've also been told that becasuse my body is making a lot of testosterone already and I gain fairly easy that I should really see some great results as long as I keep a good diet. One more question. Do I take the clomid or nolvadex at the end of my cycle, and if so, do I start it about a week after my last dose?

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    Seems like people have different thoughts on deca only but most people i know use it with something as it is a great enhancer of others like test/sust etc. secondly i would take clomid post cycle 3 weeks after last shot, and nolvedex i dont think is nessacery unless gyno symptoms start showing up, if not save the nolvedex for some other day when you may actually need it as it is mainly an anti-e.

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