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Thread: Pre-Cycle Prep

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    Pre-Cycle Prep

    A question for those of you with a successful cycle or two (maybe more) under your belt: What specific steps in your training and diet did you take PRE-CYCLE?

    Currently planning my first cycle, I'm hoping to get the most out of it by taking the proper steps beforehand as well. At present, I'm thinking of treating the four to five weeks prior to the start date in the same manner one might treat the first four to five weeks of a pre-contest training split and diet. The rationale behind this is largely to ensure that I'm fairly far removed from the overtraining zone and that any and all minor injuries with the potential to turn into major injuries have a chance to heal before the shock of rapid poundage increases barges in the front door but also to pare off a bit of the bodyfat that has begun to creep on so that I begin the cycle a little leaner than i curently am - hopefully making it easier to harden up at the end. Any thoughts on this...or is it best to head into the cycle already close to the (present) peak of my gains?

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    Re: Pre-Cycle Prep

    before a cycle..i do the following

    1. start planning and implementing my diet routine
    2. try to loose excess body fat
    3. organize my training should switch it every 3 months..try and make the start on the first day of your cycle..that way you shobk your muscles..
    4. i lay out my diet and increase calories slowly..i lay 1 month out at a time
    5. organize and schedule all my supplements and the times i'm going to take them...i lay it out 1 month like my diet..
    6. i don't give it to my wife the 1st month of the cycle so when my test and shit has kicked in she's ready and wild...

    the last ones a joke but the others is how i do it every cycle...Madmax..

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