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    2 moths without

    Hi brothers:
    I have been off of training for 2 moths because of working bussines.
    I began this week again, but I don´t know how long do I have to wait for my next Cycle of Equipoise and Winstrol ....

    Please help me with that question....


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    the matrix
    you have been off training or off cycle for 2 months?

    if it is off training .get back in the gym

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    david romero is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2002


    Off training = 2 months brother.....

    Off cycling = 5 months


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    time on=time off

    as far as training get in a serious routine, do AAS is not going to do shit if you do it again and then go off for 2 months, you just going to loose what you put on and drag your body through some shit. I would get back into the gym first and see where you at in 6 months or more, pending on you and your previous gym history. I have no idea on how long you have been training and I have no idea about your knowledge of AAS. but if your asking how long should I wait?? I think you need to re-evaluate some things. Can I ask you this?? why only equipoise on winny?? or what are your goals?? sounds like your trying to cut or?? how long do you plan on running the win. and eq?? Just curious bro??? Good luck getting back to the gym, The free weight miss you!!!lol

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    You should be alright after 5 months of rest, i think you could start your cycle soon.

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