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    HELL - I got the last col

    dodgeball with the veins

    Ok, so today was day 3 of Fina, 1cc...

    I think. Hmmm I shot my shoulders, I should just move right along down the arms... So On my left Bicep.. I think...hehe, Left first, then RIGHT, that way When I hit arms Wed. They will be fine.

    Ok, 23g 1' needle in arm..using the "bended arm" method...

    Well it's funny because every time i give myself a shot, I almost ALWAYS start sweating, the anxiousness and such..well anyway I have the needle about 1/2 way in, which is where I want it for this injection..

    I'm about to let go of the cannon to aspirate ...and i look away for one thing I know my arms jumping like a mo'fo!

    I'm laughing all like...GOD DAMN NERVES!!!! cause evidently I hit one...

    Shit is funny...but then i said, ok, i'll hit the quad instead...SAME THING AGAIN, and i say fuck it, i'm not punching another needle in my body, so i get the needle around, aspirate, everything goes smooth..

    Then i look down at my quads...and suddenly every vein in my fucking legs are up! Not popping like you would at 4%, but god damn, I had a road map!

    You gotta love nerves! hehe..I just wanted to share this and ask..

    When I aspirate now, it's not like a normal "bigillion small bubbles" i'm actually getting 1 or 2 larger bubbles..What's up with this?

    Since I have to inject ED I figure this will yeild some interesting stories about SMACKIN the nerves and what not, but i wanna make sure these larger bubles are kool...i mean there is no blood so ya know, i figure i'm kool..



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    i've had some mother bubbles bro... big ones are fine so long as theres no blood.

    keep at it man, sounds like youre doing great.

    ED injects are the only thing keeping me away from fina.

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    shit bro im sorry to hear that.....once ur cycle is over, damn its a sad day, no more juice to get u going...but thats ok, there will be another one! heheheh yeah im starting a sust only cycle in a bit, 750 mgs a week, for 8 weeks, should be good

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