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    please, help with testosterone!

    Iam 24 years old and I have been training for a year now. I am an easy gainer but I've decided to use steroids anyway. However I have never used them. Now I have a limited window of opportunity as I have access to German Testoviron Depot 250mg (only). I know that it is now or never - for the next six months I can either use Testo or forget about the whole thing and never see steroids in my life again - I am willing to take moderate risks so please tellme how to use it (just don't tell me about other steroids - I can only have Testosterone enanthate ). I am pretty sure that after six months I will have to stop using it for good - my source will "dry out". Having this in mind can anybody please how to put this time and Testo to the best use - i.e. is 250 shot once a week for six months sufficient.? What gains can I expect? This message looks
    .fucked up cause i pressed some shit

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    six months on test E without a break will shut you down very hard. it could screw up your natural test for a long long time. I"d recommend taking it for 12 weeks if at all.

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