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    mixxed up on dbol

    ive gotten mixxed reaction to how to take dbol . im stacking with test and deca . ive been told take 30mg all at once, and ive been told to take them 10mg, 3x aday. need some serious advice on this one guys. past experiences would be appreciated... thanx

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    You should try to spread it throught the day as much as possible becuase the very short halflive of the dbol which is 3-4 hours. For example I am taking 25mg ed at 5mg a time broken up every 3 hours. My usual schedule is 6:30am, 9:30am, 12:30 pm, 3:30pm, and 6:30pm. I dont think you should be taking it any later than 8ish unless your working out then. Maybe you wanna go with 5mg at a time and then take 10mg the period before you lift.

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    Jist has it right. split it up as much as possible. Its not good to take it all at once. It wont kill you, but you wont be maximizing its effectiveness. take 5 mg six times a day if possible about 2 and a half hours apart ...that makes it over a 15 hour period, which should keep your blood levels pretty constant.

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    I took 30mg/day 10mg/3xs 9am 1pm 5pm but thats just me

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    Actually i think it may be best to take it as far apart as you can while still taking 2 at one time. I remember reading something about the liver breaking down less of the dbol if you take more than one at once. This isn't my area of expertise but i think i'm right.

    Try taking 10mg 3x ED.

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