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    How is this cycle looking for first cycle?

    I'm 6'1", 215 lbs. have been training naturally for 4 years, and looking to "bust my cherry" on AS. I've planned carefully, and researched by reading what you guys have been saying, and ive been hanging out around this board for about 7 months now just reading. This is what i came up with for a good cycle to start:

    weeks 1-4: 30-50 mg D-bol
    weeks 1-8: 500 MG/Sust
    weeks 1-8: 500 MG/Deca
    Nolvadex on hand in case nipples get itchy
    Run Clomid 1 week prior to last shot

    How is that looking? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Deca seem's high to for a first time user why not try 300?

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    You don't need to know
    First off... d-bol for first timer should be between 25&30mg ed and your clomid would start 3 wks after your last sus injection , like this.....
    300mg day 1 , 100mg for next 10 days and then 50mg for the last 10 days.

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