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    Question Help on my cycle

    Hi, i have cycled a few times before but right now i am 6'2, 180 and i plan on doing a cycle for bulking, the cycle i have chose is...

    Deca 8-10weeks 400mg
    Test(enantat) 8-10 weeks 500mg
    D-bol first 5 weeks 30-50mg a day

    then clomid at the end of the cycle.

    I thought i might do injections of 200 deca and 250 test on sundays and wednesdays and i wanted to see if that was a good idea, or just to do it all on sundays or once a week. also after i got my gains i wanted to do a cutting cycle, like winstrol and something else, but i wanted opinions on if i should do a second cycle or just extend my cycle longer and add in the winstrol or whatever?????

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    your only 19 wait till your 21...Madmax..

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