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    Question First Cycle, What do you guys think?

    I'm considering the following for my first cycle: 10 wks with

    250 sustanon / wk
    200 Deca / wk

    Im thinking about Clomid and Novaldex as late additions in the cycle, hopefully to solidify my gains. If you guys have any input on how I should take these, or for how long after the sust and deca, I would appreciate it. My diet will mostlikely stay at about 4,500 - 5,000 cal per day, lots of fish and chicken.
    I am currently 5-11, 190 with about 7% bf, looking to get to about 215-220 eventually.

    I appreciate whatever help you guys can give me...

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    ottawa, canadian monkey
    how old r u?
    I guess you want to put size.
    sust250 at 500mg/week 1-10
    deca at 400mg/week 1-10
    you can also add d-bol at 25-30mg/ed 1-4
    clomid is a must 13-15
    nolva on hands
    thats the basic beginers cycle to put on some good size, done correctly(diet, excercice, sleep ect..)

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    paulstone is right ,ur does are low specialy if runnin sust .

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    i wouldn't necessarily run dbol your first cycle. Thats my opinion though.

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