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    Question EQ hunger! and diet-cutting help

    I am considering the addition of EQ to a cutting cycle. I have never used EQ before. My concern is that I have heard that EQ increases appetite greatly. My intent is to cut, not eat everything in site.

    What is your expereince with this?

    (I will be stacking with winstrol and using eca.)


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    hey idono ,
    i am planing on doing a cycle of eq winny this summer. i have 2 bottles of 10 cc at 200ml and a bottle of winny 20cc at 50 ml. im lookn to get cut up and put as much muscle on as possible if i can put on 5-10 lbs ill be pleased? i head eq will but quality muscle on? id like some feed back of ppl who have took this cutting cycle with results? thanks

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    as long as you maintain your diet you should be fine, Eq will increase your appetite somewhat but remember to space your meals out thru
    out the day, not just three a day, the ECA stack will help suppress your
    appetite somewhat but not entirely, the results from eq take sometime to work so u have to be patient, adding the winny later on will bring the results you are looking for at a faster pace but you have to remember diet is also very important when cutting, any other questions send me a PM.

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    I personally cannot use EQ in cutting cycles, the hunger increases I experienced were insane!! I will implement EQ in bulking cycles though to help increase my whole food intake. Good luck on yours.

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