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Thread: First Cycle

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    First Cycle

    I am 6' 170ish pounds. When I was lifting I maxed out at 250 on bench. Im built pretty good. I was told about 10% bf. I was lifting hard for two years straight and then my best friend/ lifting buddy moved so I have taken 6 months off. I am going to start lifting and am going to try some juice. I was thinking about doing my first cycle like this

    week 1-Deca 200
    week 2-Deca 250
    week 3-Deca 300, Sus 250
    week 4-Deca 350, Sus 250
    week 5-Deca 400, Sus 250
    week 6-Deca 400, Sus 250
    week 7-Deca 350, sus 250
    week 8-Deca 300, sus 250
    week 9-Deca 250, sus 250
    week 10-Deca 200, sus 250
    week 11-Sus 250
    week 12-Sus 250

    What do you guys think about this cycle? How much weight do you think I can gain in the 12 weeks after I work out everyother day and eat right? How much do you think my bench could go up?

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    here's some suggestions...Madmax..

    1. don't pyramid your doses
    2. do more research
    3. wheres your clomid and nolvadex
    4. what are your stats
    5. i wouldn't jump into a cycle if i hadn't been training for a while..

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    I would hold off on the cycle untill u get yourself back on a good routine.
    As far as the cycle goes: you don't need to go up and down in the dosages. Keep them consistant throughout the cycle. And you'll need more Sus, because u should run sus @ 500mgs a week cuz of the long and short acting esters.
    Also you'll need clomid and nolvedex.

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