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    quick winny question

    im a former college off. lineman
    bench 315lbs
    squat 500lbs
    goal: 270lbs by summer
    5 days of lifting and 3 days of cardio

    im currently taking winstrol depot50mg eod. ive just started my third week. im seeing big gains in strengh and endurance. have gained an inch on my arms whle losing an 2 inches off the gut and 2 inches off the chest.

    im taking nitro tech, xenadrine ,zmass and oxydrene.
    this is my first time using AS and wanna know if this looks like a decent amount of shit to see some changes in the body.
    it has recently been brought to my attention that this might not be enough for my size due.

    okay, i have 8 amps left...i had planned on using them over the next three weeks, bringing the total to 15 shots....instead, should i inject 4 times a week forthe next 2 weeks?


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    No I would just finish up using the winny eod if you cant get anymore. How long are you planing on using winny? 4 weeks is usually the minimum at 8 weeks is the absolute most I would use it. If you have 3 weeks left though that is plenty of time to get more. Just my $.02

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    i wouldve tooken 50mg/day ed

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