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    Critique of next cycle please.

    Stats: 6'2, 22yrs, 223lbs, 2.5years Training, 13-15% BF 3rd cycle.
    1st was Deca 300mg/wk with t-400 400mg/wk.
    2ndwas deca 300mg/wk, stepped up to 450mg/wk and then to 600mg/wk and back down over 12 weeks - along side 400mg/wk of T-400 for the 12 weeks.

    Now for my 3rd Cycle.
    Goals - Burn off fat, low water retention at end, quaility muscle I can keep, and vascularity - firm full muscles. More for looks and overall quaility then just trying to push my bench up another 100lbs. Which is at 225 natural now for 10 reps.

    I have already The following items. I will list how I was going to do them, maybe you move them around more or less, different times.
    EQ - I have 3 bottles of 200mg/ml - 10cc
    Cyp - I have 3 bottles of 200mg/ml - 10cc
    Deca - I have 1 bottle of 300mg/ml - 10cc
    Anavar - I have ONLY 100 5mg tabs (would like to use them up) -
    * got the 100 tabs for only $40 - they were extra in an order.
    I know 100 more will cost me $150 +. So could I use these now
    And get any results or what?
    Prop - I have 6 bottles of 100mg/ml - 10cc
    Winny - I have 1 bottle of 100mg/ml - 20cc
    Tren - None yet - probably will get 75mg/ml - 20cc
    *I will run Cytomel and clen for 5 weeks ( clen 10 days on 10 off 10 on) right at the start - and then again the last 5 weeks. With the clen lasting a few weeks post cycle along with the clomid. I will run some Hydroxy or Xenadrine mid cycle between the cytomel/clen groups.

    Now I wanted to go EQ/CYP for 10-12 weeks, Prop/winny/tren for 6-7 weeks, along with the fat burners - sound good?

    Now how much on the EQ/Cyp, 400, 500 or 600mg/wk of each?

    I was thinking Cyp 600wk - Eq 600wk - is there any problems at these levels?

    Also, should I throw the anavar in? What week? What dosage?

    And lastly - should the deca be used?

    Thanks bro - I know I want to run the EQ.cyp - prop/winny/tren I just want to make sure I am at the right dosage to get most gains. I don't want to take 600 a week if 400 will give me about the same results, but if I can get about 40-50% more and not add to much sides, then since I have it I will use it. Otherwise - less is always better - easier on the body - lower levels of resistance for next time.

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    EQ 400mg 1-14
    cyp 400mg 1-15
    prop 100mg eod 1-2
    prop 100mg eod 16-17
    winny 50ed 13-17
    var- i would just hold on to it
    could also use tren at the end too

    THis is a pretty long cycle so if you want you could shorten it, but with the EQ I think you will like running it for 14 weeks

    and I would cycle the clen and cytomel after your cycle.
    Any one else have any ideas?
    hope this helps

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    So a run the clen cytomel post cycle? what about it during the start of the cycle and then again post cycle. I know the cytomel can cause loss of muscle if not on AAS.

    If I ran the Tren - go week 13-17. Is 4 weeks of tren and winny enough - I seem to see 6 to 7 as the norm.

    thanks bros.

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    my orginal set up was going to be this.

    Prop Boost 50mg/ed for 1st 10 days.
    Cyp wk 1-10 400mg wk
    EQ wk 1-10 400mg wk
    Prop wk 11-17 75mg/ed
    Tren wk 11-17 75mg/ed
    Winny wk 11-17 50mg/ed

    Clen /Cytomel wk1-5
    ECA Stack wk 7 or 8 ( for 10 days) and again wk 10 ( for 10 days )
    Clen/Cytomel wk 13-18
    Clomid 3 days after last shot, or stop prop/tren and clomid 8-12 hours after last winny. Run clomid at 300 for 1 day, 100 for 10 days, and 50 for 10 days. should I also run HCG or proviron or anything - cuz I know this 17 weeks is going to shut me down, and shut me down hard.

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